Welcome to the home of Snowin' and Blowin' 2004, the best ev Queer as Folk US Secret Santa! Thanks to all of our v.v. fantastic participants for all of the many hours of hard work that they put into making this project a success.

From December 23 (the posting date) through December 26 at 1 PM EST, all submissions will be posted anonymously, with only the recipient's name listed to identify them. Then, on the 26th, we'll post all of the authors', vidders', and artists' names, and we can all rush around and thank our most fab Secret Santas for making such brilliant gifts for us.

When you guess, remember that the list of recipients, which you can find here, is the same as the list of contributors, but that not everyone gave in the same medium that they received!

Until then, enjoy the submissions, and have a wonderful holiday!