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Hello my name is Regina, and Welcome to My little corner of the web!!!!  I'm still adding things every chance I get so please keep checking back.   I enjoy my family, our horses and trying to start my own Flower Nursery....Sold alot of Flowers this year. Well Winter is  almost here... .....Check out our  Horses....Pictures of my New Grandbaby, Emma..... ENJOY!!!  Be sure to sign my guestbook....Thanks;) Also to keep my visitors informed, some changes are comming to my corner of the web.  Please be patient.
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Hurricane Katrina, Devistated our lives here in the South(Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana)  Our lives have been changed because of this storm.  Please have Prayer for all the victims.  Those that have prayed for us already, Thank you Very Much for the Prayers and God Bless !!!!
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