The site will probably look weird for a while as I'm trying to change the layout, and I'm trying different looks etc.
So, just hang with me for a while whilst I am making these changes

oh and...Join Kittyradio to help me win a contest (You have to use that link for it to help me).

Thanks a lot!





I know that I said that I would have a new layout up, but I can't come up with any ideas.

But anyway...I'm going to plug Had a Dad from kittyradio.com
They made this beautiful avatar for me:

You can find Had a Dad and his/her (?) avatars over at the The Avatar Lab :-)

And actually, that gives me an idea for a new layout...hmm...



Kittyradio is back! Yay!

And the Soundtracks page is officially updated and in business. (Check menu)

I may change it's format sometime soon due to it's length, but for now it's just a nice long list :-)

Thanks to everyone who contributed!

If you would like to submit a soundtrack then look on the page for info.

Well, looks like this site could use another over-haul...I love Ghost World and all but I'm getting a little bored. And obviously you guys are too as no one has been signing the guestbook!

I'll see what I can get up here in the next week or two...

Well I guess that's it for updates...



Save KittyRadio

I wanted to put up that soundtrack page but can't because Kittyradio is down and that's where the entries are...I should've copied them I suppose. But if any of you guys want to see what I did put up then go here for the incomplete Soundtracks page.
Well that's about it I guess...this site has been pretty dead of late...

*MWAH* (for anyone who bothers here anymore)


New layout!

Taken from the movie: Ghost World

Also note that from now on the site's title will appear at the top of the window, along with the layout name.
I'm tired of too many people linking back to me thinking that the site name is the same as the layout name...so this is to save confusion in the future!

Also, for those who are hole.com members I have made some avatars that you guys can use.
I will try to make more but there are a few there that can be used (Anyone can use them, I don't reserve).
Also I'm going to try to make more avatars for other sites that I post on so keep an eye out for those.


Working on a new site layout again so be patient with me!

Sorry that this thing hasn't been updated much...
Some new pages should be up directly following the new layout!


I haven't checked in much because I'm currently working on some new pages.
Look out for a new Avatars page and a Soundtrack page within the coming week!

Also I'd like for you guys to go check out an excellent band: The Smears
Make sure you give their mp3's a listen and tell them how cool they are and stuff....


The site has a new look...
It's supposed to look like a giant valentine from me to you and at the same time I'm advertising for Courtney's new album America's Sweetheart...
How versatile does it get?
Now go out and buy the album and I promise I'll kiss you!


I'll be remodeling within the next few days...
So if the place looks strange for a while you'll know why!
Oh yeah...it's my Birthday! Yay me!



Just checking in...

Join Courtney Love's street team to promote her upcoming album 'Americas Sweetheart' at http://www.courtneylove.com

And speaking of Courtney Love here's a new Hole fansite everyone should take a look at!
Link: Spun a lie in your mind



I've made some changes to the message board
Check it out!
And please post a message or two while you're at it!

I'm plugging in Justin's site...
Check it out, and make sure to tell him he rocks!

Link:The Cult of J



OK, I finally made some changes to the 'About Me' page...
Some people said it didn't have enough info so I added/changed some stuff,
check it out if you're interested!
Or if you have any other suggestions please let me know...

Unforunately the cupidalaska site is still down!
So, I might not be able to put my new site up after all :-(

Anyone wanna host me? *sniffle*


Happy (belated) New Years everyone!
I know I said that this site would be moving soon,
but apparently the cupidalaska site has been down for the last few days
so I haven't been able to open up the site yet!
Sorry it's taking so long but I am working on it...
Hopefully things will be up and running soon :-)


Sorry I haven't updated this in a while... But that's because the site will soon be moving to:www.cupidalaska.com/herjazz
I'm having some trouble trying to decide on what to do with a new layout...so if you have any suggestions please feel free to let me know!
Thanks a lot!


Yay! We're finished remodeling!
What do you guys think? Let me know in the Message Board or in My Guestbook.
The picture is of Faye Valentine from the anime cartoon 'Cowboy Bebop'.

Well anyway I need some new ideas for pages so if any of you guys have any ideas please let me know!
I'm open to any and all ideas.
Much love...


If everything looks out of place it's because we are currently remodeling!
Please be patient with us for about the next 2 days and everything should be working great!


I'm back...finally! Sorry my computer has been sick and it has taken forever
for my parents to get it fixed! But anyhow, I'm back and I intend on
keeping this thing updated!
And as for the music updates...everyone should go check out Glass Candy and the Shattered Theatre at Trouble Man Unlimited
There's a download page on there...I recommend the song 'Love, Love, Love'
I guess that's it for today...love you all!

Today I am angry because the store where I normally buy my Judy Garland stuff has been closed down!!
The idiots are putting a stupid antiques store in it's place!!!!!! *grrrrr*
I am sad *sniffle*
I love to talk to people so come and posty away because my board is just a wee bit lonely!
Thank ya!

Happy 4th of July everyone!!!

Well has everyone heard of Kat Bjelland's newer band Katastrophy Wife?
They are very good and you can dig up some of their mp3's at Kat's site!: Here
*Loves mp3's*
Everyone have fun and don't blow anything up with those fireworks!

My counter's past 40!! Yay!!!

Today I've had about 3 hours of sleep mixed with watching the Breakfast Club! Woo-hoo!
Anyway this place is too slow! C'mon people it's boring here! ;-)
Ah well love those who have bothered to pay me a visit!!!

Well, trying to keep this thing updated everyday.
Not doing much today...
It rained like crazy today!!!
Ah well anyway...Go to The Judy Room and download some Judy Garland mp3's!
They're amazing!
Also check out lovely Anne's journal: Here
Make sure you tell her hello!!!

Well today I have started a diet, exciting huh??
Hopefully I will actually stay on it this time!!
Any encouraging words for me? hehe

Well I've added a new message board so everyone posty away!! OK?

Hello Everyone! Welcome to 'It's Her Jazz'
I have finally gotten this site up and running!! How do you like the layout?
Well I suppose that this will be the place that I tell people
about myself (blog or whatever). And keep things updated...
So..Stay tuned and see what goes on here!!