As an ordinary man surrounded by extraordinary friends and even more unusual circumstances, Iolaus does the best he can to compensate for his all too human limitations.  He fights without fear, never hesitating to jump in with a lot of heroes much more powerful than he is.

Iolaus often serves as a moral center, a conscience for his more powerful allies, reminding them what they're fighting for and keeping them from losing their cool and doing something they'll only regret later.  He is never intimidated to stand up to gods and monsters, but he occasionally feels pangs of inferiority when the good he does is overshadowed in light of his mere mortality.

After a vigorous childhood of hardship and training - with an absent father - Iolaus has a firm sense of right and wrong and never deviates from this, despite previous mistakes.  He is constantly seeking to atone for the past with good.  In addition, he occasionally seeks to reform others and lead them down his path.