John Adams
Adams is fully aware of the fact that he is obnoxious and disliked and is completely unashamed.  When he means to make a political move, he'll sacrifice everything, including precious time with the people he loves, to get the job done and he won't take no for an answer.

He is privately a romantic, expressing his feelings generally through writing than through speaking.  Most people, however, see him as a bit of a prude when it comes to relationships.  Occasionally awkward, he believes in treating women with a level of chivalry which is growing increasingly rare in the world around him.

In general, Adams believes that everyone should put aside their own personal lives when sometime important is on the line.  He does not tolerate part-time heroes and rarely suffers fools.  He will, however, let someone else have the glory for his work if it means getting the job done.

The most important virtue for Adams is commitment.  There are two kinds of people of value in the world for him; those with a commitment and those who require the commitment of others.