There are two kinds of enemies:  The ones that outwardly hate you and the ones that stab you in the back.  Kazuo is the latter and the type that I have absolutely no respect for.  He was one of us, a Phoenix Fighter, and he betrayed us, going over to serve the Ebene not because he believed in the cause but for love of power.

And it doesn't help that he courted Adriana before me.  She always complains that I lack passion and I know that she sometimes wishes I were more like Kazuo.  It pains me, thinking about her comparing us when he's the one who took up killing innocent people and lying to those he supposedly loved.

Kazuo is back among us now, fighting once again on our side, but I don't trust him.  I will always hold him as an enemy, if not on the large scale then on a personal level.  And I don't like him being alone with Adriana