My father had five wives he never wanted to marry and Kelsay was the last of them.  As wife of sixth rank, not many people paid attention to her and that often got her into trouble.  She fell in love with two of my uncles, first Gawain and then Dustin.  Her attraction to Dustin proved a disaster because when he stopped returning her flirtations, he pushed her down the stairs, causing her to miscarry and lose her sight instantly.  As a Risan, however, Kelsay was branded with the Symbol of Spirits, granting back part of her sight in allowing her to see where spells and magical auras were present.
Although she and my father were never in love, they were good friends and upon his death, she was determined to be a part of the lives of his children.  She became especially attached to me due to our common Risan heritage and took it upon herself to bring me up as a Risan, despite the fact that there was no longer a homeland of Risa.

Kelsay taught me most of the important things in my life that were worth knowing, particularly in spiritual matters.  She introduced me to religion and meditation and made certain that I was granted a Ritual.  Despite being blind and a well known "bimbo" she was surprisingly self sufficient and imparted a sense of individual honor to me.

When I left for university, Kelsay was the only member of my family I remained in touch with.  I wrote her letters which were read to her and she replied through a servant.  But one day, the letters stopped.  I didn't learn until months afterward that she had been taken as a political prisoner by the Red Dragon's men.  I regret that I was unable to find her, but she sparked a need in me, a need to help put an end to all the families that had been torn apart.