As a daughter of Natasha, everyone expected Maya to turn out a spoiled, self involved brat.  No one saw what was coming.  Since she had little memory of the night our father died, Maya grew up a relatively sheltered life in Hyrule, a land that didn't know the Red Dragon.  All her friends were happy young Hylians with normal lives.  Of course, her mother and stepmothers never talked about the Red Dragon, so how could she possibly know?  Yet all the same, while I was away at university, I learned that Maya had run away from home and joined the Chancedon militia building to fight against the Red Dragon.
She cut off contact with everyone in the family, so I was very surprised, a year later, when she wrote me.  It was Maya who told me what had become of Kelsay.  She wrote so eloquently of the injustices and the evils of the Red Dragon, that I was moved to action.  I staged a protest, one that led to a riot, getting many students killed.  Maya wrote back that she was proud of me.  It didn't matter that people had died, what was important was the cause, she said.

We kept in touch for a little while.  She told me about her exploits.  Following my disastrous rebellion on Maze Island, I traveled to Chancedon to join the militia and be with her.  She was a new person, callous and cold, rejoicing in violence and cruelty against the enemy.  I was afraid of her.

Eventually, Chancedon was attacked.  Maya and I fought side by side to the bitter end.  She was killed, an arrow going through her heart.  As she died, she turned to me, with a hard smile, and said, "Today is a good day to die."  I told Natasha and Harmony that her final words were words of love for them.  The truth is, I think she forgot about love.