When I thought my heart was dead, closed off forever, Mia came along.  Of course, we met in the wake of total disaster and had little time to consider romance, but once our escapades in Shaldani began, she made it very clear that she wanted to be more than friends.  I'm not sure I was ready to start again, but something about Mia touched me.  I think it was her innocence.

A lot of people say we were a bad match.  Mia is very emotional and open, while I remain closed off and reserved.  Still, those people that whispered about us didn't see the private moments, the times when we would simply talk.  Mia was an excellent listener and despite what people say about her, she was never needy or clingy.

I wanted to marry her for a time.  Things just kept coming between us and I suppose an irreversible rift began to form as I spent more time with Adriana.  I think Mia may have been jealous, although I promise that my feelings for Adriana didn't arise until after Mia had broken my heart.

I was very hurt when Mia decided to call it off, but I didn't fight.  That's my problem.  I'm excellent at fighting an enemy I can hurt, but I could never hurt the woman I loved.  And so, I let her have her way.  Perhaps it was all for the best.  Who can really say?