My Mother
I should start by saying that I knew almost nothing about my mother for the longest time.  Her name was Demora Esac and she was betrothed to my father at a very young age.  She was the eldest daughter of a powerful Risan family, a family powerful enough to contract a marriage through personal guest friendship with my grandfather, Marcus Barr.  Demora was not pleased with the arrangement, but followed through with it.  Almost immediately, she was pregnant with my older brother, Kern.  He was born in the wake of a fire set to the castle.  Instantly, I was on the way, but Demora had not yet regained her strength from Kern.
My mother died the night I was born of sepsis.  Although she was only a second wife, she was given the grandest state funeral Catalan had thrown in years.  This was because she had given birth to the heir, Kern.  Later, when he was killed, I was named heir and my mother was twice honored.

I never knew, until many years later, how unhappy my mother had been.  I expected that she had taken a lover or something, but was surprised to learn that she decidedly loved my father in the end, for all his faults and romantic failings.  I also never had the chance to meet the Esac side of my family, because they were completely destroyed when Risa was conquered.

Demora was a full Risan, and my father was half Risan, so I am, legally speaking, a Risan as well.  It was important to my mother that my heritage remain present in my life, so my stepmother Kelsay took it upon herself to raise me Risan.  My spirit guide, as I have come to understand it, was once hers.  And this is a connection that we will always share.