I don't often say this about people, but I'll say it of Natasha:  She was an awful Human being and I loathed her to the core.  My father had six wives and Natasha was the fourth, descended from Beigoran royalty.  She wasn't shy about letting anyone know that she had blue blood, least of all her friends.  Natasha, in fact, epitomized the image of a spoiled, self involved, passive-aggressive princess.  She had no real fondness for my father, other than for his title.  They had two children together, daughters named Harmony and Maya.  Natasha had no interest in raising children, however, and ignored them.
Natasha detested me, in part, because I looked so much like my father, her vehicle to luxury that was lost and in part because I was frankly more important in some ways.  As a child, I was left to her care primarily.  She fancied bashing me about the head from time to time, but otherwise ignored me and my sisters.  Thank the gods for Kelsay.

The only favorable thing I can say for Natasha is that she knew that the Red Dragon existed and that he was a bad man.  She never took an active role in trying to stop him, but she donated her funds and occasionally her name to the cause.  When people began to forget who she was, however, she drank herself into oblivion.  I don't think anyone really missed her all that much.