Simon Tam
Simon Tam is a civilized man lost in an occasionally barbaric universe.  In a desperate attempt to cling to his final shred of humanity, he is horrendously prude and uptight, minding his manners and never engaging in any sort of activity he would consider less than proper.

It is sometimes very difficult for Simon to relate to others in his circle, as his intelligence and education often set him apart and he likes to keep it that way.  Occasionally, he comes off as a bit of a snob, but in reality, he has a good heart that's always in the right place.

Despite his soiled upbringing, Simon is willing to sacrifice everything he has in exchange for protecting his younger sister.  From this, he learns that his destiny is to live a good, albeit slightly illegal life, rather than continue on as a cushy followering of a corrupt government.

Although not great in a fight, Simon is a brilliant strategist and is always around to help clean up his friends after a fray.  Simon will also try his hardest when it comes to helping his friends or his sister, even if it means making a complete fool of himself.