John Stewart
Although endowed with special powers, the most important thing John Stewart possesses is his humanity.  He clings proudly to his military past and his connection with the neighborhood he grew up in, always returning to them in times of trouble or reflection.  These remind him of the reason why he chose to be a hero.

A man of discipline and rigor, Stewart has little tolerance for playfulness or public displays of affection while on the job.  Nevertheless, his emotional well is deeper than it appears and when out of the public light, John openly expresses his feelings, even aggressively.

John's love life is continually complicated as he battles with conflicting visions of the future and interpretations of the past.  He refuses to be destiny's pawn and therefore will take matters into his own hands, even if it costs him and his loved ones happiness.

He takes betrayals very personally and will clam up and disappear into a shell when he's hurting.  John is slow to forgive, but once he trusts someone, that trust is infinite and sincere.