Age:  One
-My brother Kern is killed by my father’s usurping sister.
-Adriana is born.
-Mia is born.

Age:  Two
-My sister Harmony is born.
-My father reunites with Amanda.
-Philip Summer is born.
-Jesse is born.

Age:  Three
-My sister Maya is born.
-Teri, my stepmother, dies.

Age:  Four
-Sito is born.
-Amorette is born.
-The Red Dragon conquers Koholint and begins building his army.

Age:  Five
-The Red Dragon and his army attack Catalan.  I escape with Kallista Summer.  My father is killed.
-I relocate to Hyrule.
-Ariadne is born.

Age:  Six
-I relocate to Calatia.
-My cousin Emanon is born to aunt Pearl.

Age:  Seven
-I break my arm when Natasha pushes me out of a carriage.

Age:  Eight
-I relocate to Beigor.
-I spend three months in bed with triangulum measles.

Age:  Nine
-My aunt Pearl is killed.  Emanon is adopted by Minya Someye.

Age: Ten
-Kelsay takes me to Kai field for six months to live among the Risans.

Age:  Eleven
-Lysia begins staging her rebellion against the Red Dragon.

Age:  Twelve
-My uncle Gawain is killed.

Age:  Thirteen
-Natasha marries Lord Oliver Haigh.

Age:  Fourteen
-Lord Oliver Haigh dies.

Age:  Fifteen
-Kelsay takes me to a Risan outpost on the mainland where I get my Ritual.  I select the Symbol of Spirits for my symbol.

Age:  Sixteen
-I begin attending Thuy Conservatory.  Claudia and I begin a brief, six month courtship.
-I meet Deidre.
-I form the Students for Awareness committee.  Founding members include: Logan, Kirsty, Claudia, Parker, Daniel, Deidre, and Mallory.

Age:  Seventeen
-My sister Tranns goes missing in Hyrule.
-Kelsay is taken as a political hostage.

Age:  Eighteen
-I ask Deidre to marry me.
-Deidre gets pregnant.
-A riot breaks out on the campus of Thuy Conservatory.  Deidre is killed in the chaos.

Age:  Nineteen
-I travel to Maze Island and begin to stage a rebellion there against the Red Dragon.
-I travel to Catalan and meet Tranns Harkin.  Without telling her that she’s my sister, I take her to Maze Island and clean her up.

Age:  Twenty
-The Maze Island rebellion ends in catastrophe.  Everyone is killed except for me and Tranns.
-I return to Kai field.

Age:  Twenty One
-I join the Chancedon militia.
-Emanon goes missing.

Age:  Twenty Two
-A psychiatrist diagnosis me with “immortal terror.”

Age:  Twenty Three
-My sister Harmony marries Ashley Chillwind.
-The Chancedon militia is defeated.  My sister Maya is killed in battle.
-I return to Hyrule at Amanda’s behest and reunite with Tranns

Age:  Twenty Four
-The Guardians of Tomorrow return to the past to prevent the Red Dragon from rising.
-The Ebene began attacking Shaldani.  The Phoenix Fighters are formed.