I didn't know that I had a half sister by Amanda until I was close to twenty years old.  I was told that she existed, and that she had run away from home, that she was spotted in a rough neighborhood of Catalan called Helios.  I was charged with the heavy task of finding her and when I did, the moment I saw her, I knew she was my sister and, in some ways, my destiny.  True, I met her at the worst low in her life; she was a Flash addict and a heavy drinker, not to mention a woman of ill repute, running from the law, but even then, I saw potential shining from every inch of her being.  She had more promise than possible.
I helped her to clean up and I took her to Maze Island.  Since she was a princess, and running from that fact, I thought I could help her ease into the role by serving as a figurehead for a rebellion I was planning against the Red Dragon.  In every aspect of her duty, she excelled, though she had never been more than a girl before.

As Maze Island burned to the ground, in large part due to my own errors in judgment, all I wanted was to die, but Tranns rescued me.  I owe her my life, but I wanted to trade away the gift.  I had never told her that she was my sister.  I never intended to after Maze Island, but it was Amanda that brought us together.  For a long time, Tranns resented Amanda for abandoning her as a child, but I saw the two of them slowly come together again.

Tranns and I grew closer and closer as we were more honest with one another.  Now, I call her my best friend.  She's the only member of my family that remains.  The thing about her is that she is the very essence of what our father was.  Tranns is smart and funny and possesses such a skill with the written language that she can move almost anyone.  I know that I will never be anything special, but she will be, so it's my duty to make sure that she suceeds and meets her destiny.