Wesley Windham-Pryce
Intelligence is of the uptmost importance to Wesley, who was head boy of his university and one of the smartest people in his social circle.  Although he is occasionally capable of fighting without making too much of an ass of himself, Wesley relies primarily on his intellect to help guide him through difficult situations.  Research is always key and always provides him with the answers...eventually.

Although a reluctant leader, when put in command of situations, Wesley does the best he can, always looking out for the good of the many.  This occasionally leads him to injury and pain, but he wears his battle scars like a badge of honor and will continue to look out for others and fight, even when he's not at his prime.

Socially, Wesley is very awkward, except when around those who share his background.  As someone who's seen the things that go bump in the night, he has a hard time relating to people outside of that realm.  Consequently, his love life often suffers and becomes severely limited.

Wesley could never live up to the standards of his family.  He suffered considerable psychological abuse as a child and eventually tried his best to turn his back on the entire situation, starting a life for himself and playing by his own rules.