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moor07.gif (61383 bytes) I collect snow globes at home.  I have many globes from my visits to various amusement parks and as I travel around the world.  Many are an assortment that I bought myself, or were given to me by family members.

I have 2 favorites.  The first is a snow globe of Chicago's Skyline.  Why is that my favorite?  Simple!  I am originally from the Chicagoland area and have recently relocated to sunny San Diego.  My children gave me this snow globe so when I get a yen for snow, I simply shake it to remember the chill of Chicago's February. 

My second favorite is a snow globe given to me by one of my children of a clown fishing.   I simply call this globe "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay."  Why?   It plays the Otis Redding song of the same title. 

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Here is a marvelous tutorial that got me started making snow globes.  Also, on my links page are other tutorials and tube sites. 

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jardinaccent.jpg (4352 bytes) Would you like your own personal snow globe?  They are free, just email me! 


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