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Breast Cancer Ornament

B.C. Ornament

2005/2006 Ornament design "HOPE"

This page is reserved for my Breast Cancer Programs fundraising ornaments. I will be calling them the B.C. Ornament line (B.C. for short). I will not be starting production on them for 2006/2007. I am waiting until I have a larger working area to produce them. I am already working on the design for the next ornament, so as soon as I can start production again, I will begin production again.

The B.C.'s started with my first ornament I called, Pinky. Pinky was inspired by my wanting to help the fight against breast cancer even more then just buying the Longaberger Horizon Of Hope baskets every year and anything else I could find that supported breast cancer. Though I still buy these things when I find them, I wanted to do more. Since I lost my mother to breast cancer in 1997, I have done everything I can to help the cause. Pinky was my way of doing more.

Pinky inspired me to make a different ornament each year to raise money for this worhty cause. Each ornament will be produced from June 1st until August 30th each year. Each design will have a pink ribbon somewhere on the ornament. $1.00 from each ornament sold will go to breast cancer programs for woman who either do not have insurance or can not afford to get tested or get treatment when they are diagnosed with breast cancer. I chose to di things this way because my mother was one of those women who waited after she found the lump in her breast. She didn't have insurance or the money to get tested or to get treatment. It was about a year later when she found the breast cancer program in Cecil County, Maryland. By that time the cancer was through out her body. When the hospital removed her breast, they tested 28 lymphnodes from her and 24 cam back positive for cancer. If she would have gotten help as soon as she found the lump, she may still be with us today as a survivor and not another casualty.

The longer a woman waits to get tested and treated after they find a lump, the less her chances for survival. If you are a woman and you find a lump in your breast, don't wait to get help. Check with your doctor, local hospital, or local health services office in your area. They can recomend the local breast cancer program in your area so you can get help if you can not afford it.

Men, you should be just as concerned with breast cancer as women. Every man has at least one woman in his life that can be affected by breast cancer. All men should remind the women in their lives to check theirselves once a month and to get a Mamogram once a year. When it affects a woman, it affects everyone else in their life as well. And breast cancer does not care how old the woman is, it affects whom ever it wants to.

Menawhile, if you want to help with this cause, just donate to your local breast cancer help program in your area. Check with your local health services office (usually at the county government level) for the program in your are to donate to. Or you can send donations to the American Cancer Society and request that it go to breast cancer programs accross the country.

Andy Davis