To My Son On Graduation Day

The day I stepped into parenthood
and held my newborn child,
you were mine to love and care for
but only for a little while.

Soon you took those tottering steps
and your independence got its start.
And as you walked away from me,
you had with you, my heart.

More time had passed; yet another step
but this time, not with little feet
as the yellow bus drove out of sight,
I stood bewildered in the street.

The next step that you took
was one filled with styles and trends,
The freedom and self-confidence
of going places with your friends.

Then you wore an anxious smile
when you first held the key
and took the steps towards a vehicle
that drove you away from me.

Now you'll wear a tassled cap
and I'll be filled with gratification
as you step in time with classmates
at your high school graduation.

You'll climb steps to a college class
that could be so far away
that I might get a long distance call
maybe....every other day?

No matter what this life may bring,
I just want you to know one thing.
You will always be loved, I have no doubt,
and you've made me understand my son,
what love is all about.
Love Always,
June 18, 1999