Claudine nominated as Best Actress in the Asian TV Awards!!!

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November 10, 1999

Belated birthday to Jolina Magdangal who just turned 21 last November 6. And congratulations to Judy Ann for being one of the 10 Most Admired Filipinas and of course, the biggest congratulations goes to Claudine Barretto! She was nominated Best Actress in the Asian TV Awards (along with Jaclyn Jose and a Malaysian actress). We wish you all the best Claudine!

For the news: Jolina had a successful concert in Japan with Onemig Bondoc... Judy Ann's movie had a successful premiere last Nov. 5 at the SM Megamall Cinema 10 and it opens today, Nov. 10.  The movie is produced by Viva Films and entitled DITO SA PUSO KO. It was directed by Eric Quizon and also stars Wowie De Guzman, Vanessa Del Bianco and Troy Montero.

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October 30, 1999

Welcome to the newest Filipino celebrity website! This site features the three most popular and most talented young actresses in the Philippines. Of course, we're talking about Jolina Magdangal, Judy Ann Santos and Claudine Barretto. Why the three? First, they are very popular, second they are very talented (in varying degrees), and third they have their own TV shows. So why not include Jessa Zaragosa, Angelica dela Cruz and Angelu de Leon. Jessa is talented but she's not really that popular (although her songs are!), Angelica is talented but she's also not very popular. And Angelu is popular and talented but her TV show isn't on the air yet. Maybe one day, we'll just have to add Angelu in our site.

So what's in store for you people? The latest news, the choicest articles, your fave stars' columns (from different magazines), pics and of course, a special section with everything uncategorizable in it (miscellaneous things).
Some of the pages here aren't working yet but we (Margaret, Ana Patricia & Antoine) are working on them.

In the meantime, please enjoy the available pages and of course, we would like to thank Lulu of the R/C Cyberfriends, the friends of Judy Ann and Jolina's girls for giving their support to us. If you want to contribute something (articles, pictures, etc.) just e-mail us at We will appreciate them very much and thank you in advance.