Some Things In Common

Surely, these three girls have some things in common too.  Wanna find out all about them? And if you think that we miss out on something, don't hesitate to add it using the form we provide.

Jojo Acuin's Mid-year Shocking Predictions

Jojo Acuin is regarded as Asia's Nostradamus. Read about his predictions on the soap queens last July 1999. See if some of them (or maybe all of them) did come true (or in the brink of fulfillment).


Fave food, fave color, fave movie and why, why, why? Or how about your fave's most embarrassing moment? Or her most unforgettable crush? Why not her first crush? Or will she give up everything for the man she loves?


Read these funny (?) quotes from your fave soap queen. And learn a thing or two...


You don't want your soap queen lagging behind in numbers eh? So click on the link and find out about the polls where your fave is a candidate... and vote at our homespun polls, too!

Press Survey

The press have spoken! Wanna know who they think is the best dressed? The worst dressed (this one we already know!)? Or how about the most popular of the three?

Our Picks

Why did we create this site? Because we like all of them... better believe it.  They are unique and they have their own qualities...