What are the Soaring Eagle & Grizzly Awards?

The Soaring Eagle Award is an Award of Excellence presented once a month by Yosemite Community Leaders to a deserving site IN GeoCities with an outdoors theme. The Grizzly Award is awarded to sites residing OUTside of GeoCities.
Sites can be nominated by Homesteaders, Site Owners, Community Leaders or Liaisons. The Committee will review the sites nominated and rate each in several categories. The scores will be tallied and the highest scorer in each category will be presented the Soaring Eagle or Grizzly Award.
The monthly winner will be awarded a special graphic to place on their site. Their site will be eligible for the Soaring Eagle Web Ring or the Grizzly Award Web Ring
If awarded the Soaring Eagle or Grizzly Award you will receive an e-mail informing you of where to claim your graphic award and where and how to join the web ring.
About the Committee
If you are interested in joining our selection committee, click here:

SEA Selection Committee

All Yosemite Community Leaders were invited to join this committee.  Committee members are now eligible to receive the Soaring Eagle or Grizzly Award. These awards are now open to ALL deserving web sites. 

The members of the committee are:

Team Leader
Yosemite Rapids & Cabin
Community Leader
Yosemite Forest Co-Liaison
WiLDFILLY's Corral
Joanne Doxtater
Yosemite Forest
Community Leader
Fishing in Wisconsin

Rodney Henry
Web Ring Manager
Yosemite Trails
Community Leader
The Missouri Traveler

Sir Pippen
Yosemite Cabin
Community Leader
Yosemite Rapids
Sir Pippens' Hole

Terry Roberts
Community Leader
Yosemite Gorge
Tbones Crew


How are the sites rated?
The nominated sites are reviewed by every committee member. Each member rates the site using the following criteria.

Review the criteria before nominating your site for the award.

Theme: How well does the site portray the spirit and / or theme of the outdoors or nature? Guidelines: Does the site conform to ALL Content Guidelines of its server? Your site MAY NOT contain any material that is not allowed by your TOS, including illegal banners, offensive content, etc.
Images: How well does the page load? Are there any broken images? Remember more does not necessarily mean better. Links: Do all links work? Is there a good combination of off-site links and on-site links?
95 % of links and images must be in working order to qualify for the SEA award.
E-Mail: Is there a valid, working e-mail address? How easy is it to locate? Is there some way to contact you? Do you have a guest book? Content: Is the site interesting to others? Does it have eye appeal? Is there plenty of Outdoor content?
Originality & Layout: What makes the site original? Does the background obscure the text or make it unreadable? Contents of site: Is there more on-site content than just one page and a list of off-site links?
Navigational Ability: How well can you get around the site without getting "lost" or running into "dead ends"? Viewability: Can the site be viewed by a variety of browsers? Does your site freeze when using any browser?

If you have any questions, please e-mail SEA, Leader of the SEA Committee.

Web Ring

As an added bonus to the recipients of these awards, web rings have been formed which will include all recipients of the award. All committee members are invited to join this web ring and some may be recipients of the awards as well.

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