Tabitha, Greg, Aspen (great dane), Nikita's dad, Nikita and Vin the reporter.
Southern California
Deaf Dog Picnic

August 5, 2001
Poway Dog Park, Poway, California

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Our dogs may be deaf, but they sure know how to party!  They are just like any other dog; they just can't hear.  They can do anything a hearing dog can do.  One of the deaf dogs is a Therapy Dog, who visits life support patients.  Another is a Master-level Agility athlete.  But all of them are the best friends any person could ever have!
Aspen-Great Dane
Blossom-mixed breed
Ginger-mixed breed
Gus & Nikita-Boxer
Orville-Shetland Sheepdog
Piper-Jack Russell Terrier
Spectacular-Rat Terrier
Taylor-Border Collie
Tug-Australian Cattle Dog
Wilbur-Shetland Sheepdog
Other Attendees
Deaf dog lovers from all over the Southern California area gathered together for the first time to have some fun in the sun.  We got together to meet other people with deaf dogs, for support, information and a good time!
To learn more about deaf dogs, please go to the Deaf Dog Education Website:
Dancer, Elly (Jack Russells) and Tom and Suzanne holding Piper
Dayle at the DDEAF info table