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The 'Centru Hidma Socjali' at Santa Venera which houses the Department of Family Welfare, the Department of the Elderly and Special Needs, the National Commission Persons with Disability and the Adult Training Centre for the Blind
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The Home for the Elderly at Msida 
which is run by the Department 
for the Elderly and Special Needs 
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Life and Leisure in the Homes for the Elderly 
Resident elderly of St Vincent de Paule's Residence giving a helping hand in the kitchen of the Residence of their own free will. This makes them feel as if they are still at home. 
Again a resident elderly of St Vincent de Paule's Residence is here having a go at cane work under the watchful eyes of an instructor 
The elderly residents of St Vincent's de Paule's Residence receive medical attention as and when required since there exists an in-built hospital setup as part of the whole organisation 
A view from the outside of the new Adult Training Centre for the Disabled at Marsascala which was inaugurated in mid-1998.  Besides a training centre, this complex also includes an appreciably-sized and fully-equipped kitchen and canteen, a swimming pool and a number of fully-furnished flatlets.  All the mid-day meals of the 5 Adult Training Centres spread throughout Malta are now being fully prepared by the kitchen staff of the Department at this new Centre and distributed from there in special vans.
Trainees of the Adult Training Centres for the Disabled out on an outing together with their Care Workers.……… 
…….and here ready to board the helicopter on a bright sunny day for an excursion to Malta's sister island, Gozo.…. but always under the watchful eyes of their Care Workers 
Whilst at the Centres the trainees are helped to acquire the skills with which they can become independent or semi-independent and at the same time make them feel useful and quite capable of carrying out work with which they can cope 
Some of the items that are produced by the trainees of the Adult Training Centres for the Disabled held on display at one of the Centres 
Father Christmas distributing gifts to trainees during a Christmas party organised by one of the Centres. These parties are organised by all Centres. 
Trainees dressed in Carnival costume during a Carnival Party organized by one of the Centres. These trainees are here displaying the trophies they won for their costumes. 
Sports Day! 
Sports Day is organised annually by all the Adult Training Centres for the Disabled together and practically all the trainees take active part. As for all other activities organised by these Centres for their trainees, parents, friends and other relatives are encouraged to attend in good numbers….. and in fact they always do. 
Adoptions from abroad, especially from Roumania, where quite a feature. Here a couple are introducing their recently adopted daughter from Roumania to the Senior Social Worker in charge of the Adoptions and Fostering Unit of the Department for Children and Family Services. 
A Social Worker visiting one of the Children's Homes in Malta which are run by nuns to see how these children are doing. Here the Social Worker is playing with the children …… 
…… and here she's having a chat with one of the girls in these Children's Homes in her room. Regular close personal contact by the Social Worker with these children is very much important especially when the children are still very young. 

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