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Providing a Marxist critique of
the anti-globalization movement

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Marxists have a very different position on the development of capitalism to that expressed by the opponents of 'corporate globalization'. Our position is premised on the view that the changes that capitalism has unleashed and continues to unleash are an improvement over all earlier arrangements and provide the conditions for an even more advanced society, socialism.

The stark difference can be brought out best by listing our views on some major questions:

While taking on so many sacred cows would seem to be a recipe for isolating oneself, it should be possible to unite (or at least engage) with others on a common opposition to capitalist exploitation and the society it creates and a common desire for something fundamentally better. If the differences are dealt with in the process of thrashing out views on the nature of the radical change we seek, Marxists should be able to place themselves at the centre of political discussion and debate and not simply be left snearing from the sidelines.

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Dispelling 'Frankenfear' The neo-feudalists have benefited considerably from whipping up 'Frankenfear'. However, in the long run it could become a liability if genetic engineering starts proving to be a major success. This article argues that GE has an important role to play in improving food security and protecting the environment and that public funding of it should be greatly increased.

Some of the other subjects we aim to cover in the near future include:

Links critical of anti-globalization

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The writings of Marx and Engels

What you can do to help developing countries:

Suggested slogans

Having a few good slogans for posters etc can make a difference. Here are some tentative suggestions.

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