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Socialist Voice

This is the paper of the Socialist Party in Northern Ireland. It is produced 10 times a year and contains a mixture of reports on our current activities along with some international news and longer, more theoretical articles to explain our position on various matters.

This page will contain some of the articles from the latest and then back issues of the paper. Thanks to Kevin Sq, Katya, Alan and (eventually) Stevie B for their help in making these articles available.

For articles from the Socialist Party journal, Socialist View, visit its page.

Socialist Voice - Sept 2004

Socialist Voice - Oct 2004

Note: The October edition was the last one of Socialist Voice, from November 2004 we began to produce the Socialist

Socialist Voice - July 2004

The latest issue of the paper with articles on the Southern council elections, the racist referendum and the Northern Euro poll; additional material on industrial struggles, the work of Socialist Youth North and South, an obituary for Nuirod Sejake, etc.

The May 2004 edition is available here.

The April 2004 edition is available here.

Socialist Voice - Feb 2004

Socialist Voice - Feb 2004

Articles on the Hutton whitewash, the French ban on headscarves, and anti-racist actions in Ireland, N&S; numerous industrial reports, Iraq demonstrations, etc.Here's all of the articles

Socialist Voice - January 2004

The first paper of the new year is now available. Articles on the Mid East, racism/fascism, trade union struggles as well as the political campaigns North and South. We announce the 'winner' of the 2003 Scrooge employer award.Here's all of the articles

Voice, the edition of our paper SP in Southern Ireland

There was a November edition of the paper with articles on the position of the bin charges campaign and the state of the Dublin government. Here's some of the articles

November 2003 issue, Assembly Election special

A number of articles explaining different aspects of the SP manifesto are outlined in this edition of the paper. In addition there are updates are workplace struggles by the FBU, postal workers, civil servants, etc. There is a piece on the racists antics of the white nationalist party, a small group of lunatics.Here's the contents list.

October 2003 issue, Bins Supplement

On Friday 10th the comrades produced a special supplement of the paper to give details of the protests and to outline how the SP thinks the campaign could be built. Here's the contents list.

September 2003 issue, Issue 61

All the latest news from the bins campaign, industrial reports, internaitonal news, etc is here, in the September contents list.

July 2003 issue, Issue 60

All the latest news from the bins campaign, industrial reports, international news, etc is here in the July contents list.

June 2003 Edition, Issue 59

The June issue of the paper was printed on June 6th. There are nearly 25 articles, here are they are Along with reports on developments North and South, there are International articles on France, the Evian protests and Indonesia. There are important industrial reports, including the election of Carmel Gates at the NIPSA conference as President for the year. President Carmel Gates at the 2003 Nipsa Conference Photo by Kevin Cooper

May 2003 Edition

There are 20 new articles from the May 2003 edition of our paper. These include updates on the Iraq War, various campaigns, industrial reports, etc.

Mid April Edition

We brought out an edition in Mid April, here are some of the main articles.

April 2003 edition

Stop the Slaughter in the Gulf Youth against the War Day X
YaW Defend the right to protest Trade unions and Shannon airport
Southern school student protests Day X Stop the War & Fight the System -
Join Socialist Youth

Global student protests Joe Higgins Column: Government Cold in the Face of Slaughter
North: New Agreement Possible -
Workers' Voice Needed in Assembly Elections

By Ciaran Mulholland
North: Halt Arms Production in Derry
By John Quigley
Blair Ensures he Will Retire in Comfort NHS: Money Goes on Weapons While we Queue for Treatment
By Mary Cahillane
Bush & Blair's Middle East Plan - The Road to Nowhere
By Dave Carr
Stop the War & Fight the System - Join Socialist Youth
By Matthew Waine
Northern industrial news:
Airport workers,
FBU, social workers,
NIPSA bureaucrats attack union democracy
Southern industrial news:

March 1st 2003 Supplement to 'Socialist Voice

These are 4 of the main articles, the rest will follow as time permits.

Millions march against war Shannon protests
Money for services, not war UN: A fig leaf for war

Feb 2003 issue

From now until after the war in Iraq, the Socialist Party plans to bring out our paper on a fortnightly basis in order to reflect the growing opposition to this imperialist war.

We would call upon all our readers, online and off, to take out a subscription, or make a donation, to help us cover the costs of putting the socialist alternative. Send your subscription to either the Belfast or Dublin offices.

Build the Anti-War Movement Youth against War Millions marching against war
Real costs of war American protests against war Korean War 2?
Union reports Deaths on the building sites No to Social Partnership
Assembly elections Low Pay University tenants
Campaigns World Social Forum Joe Higgins column

January 2003 issue

Editorial economic prospects Low Pay Campaign Youth and Student articles
International pieces Italy, N Korea, Venezuela The Oil War Industrial Trade union articles: Articles on NIPSA Elections, An Post, Dublin City airport, the FBU, etc.
Campaign Reports - Water charges in Belfast, Bin charges across the South. Two important recruits to the Socialist Party Joe Higgins Column.
Oppose the Government cuts Hayes report SP response on the NHS proposals 1972 Cabinet discussion on re-partition.
No to Cuts, No to Charges!

Archive Articles

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