<`~`~A story by Rei Davidson~`~`>

Somewhere far beyond Earth, there lies a world called Dania.  Wallowing in magic and fantastic creatures, it's a place that doesn't seem like it could exist outside of a child's dream.  But it does.  And in a place that seems so peaceful one would never know that wars are waged constantly.  But they are.

Welcome to the world of Dania.

This is a story about a kingdom called Lizerton in the middle of a continent called Lion's Head.  The ruler of this kingdom is the famous Princess Rei, daughter of Lawrence the Good and youngest heir to the throne at age fifteen.  Rei's rule is uneventful until the kingdom that shares the Nymph Forest with Lizerton attacks.

...Bet you thought this was a serious story didn't you?  HA!

You'd be wrong!

It's up to a overly-responsible animist, an egotistical scout, an unnervingly calm dragon trainer, a fashion conscious amazon, a mischevious shapeshifter and several more strange and mysterious characters to form a group called the Society of Lizerton (SOL) and help ( and occasionally play a practical joke on) Princess Rei, the world's most inconventional princess, while she protects her kingdom from all those who would try to hurt it.

Tag along as they encounter spoiled Queens, not so ghostly ghosts, dark princes with bad hair, power ridden panthers, love in it's most true (and sometimes not so true) forms and so much more it'll make you sick with pleasure.


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Sorry I abandoned you guys for so long, but I have lots of updates. There are character illistrations in the profiles all the way to Charlie, and more to come soon. Also, I created a book cover. ^^ This can be located in the story section. A picture of Creton (evil....) is now under the villians section. :P Need to work on Villian profiles and animated gifs... But who cares about villians?? Yeah yeah, okay, someday I promise. Right now I'm trying to get more images so I don't scare so many people away with all this text.


Okay chapters 29, 30, 31 and 32 are up. I don't know when chapter 33 will be ready but... Hey wait... There is not chapter 33.... Holy crap! I'm finished! YAY!


By a looong shot 26, 27 and 28 are up. I say that because they almost weren't Long story.


Chapters 23, 24 and 25 are up.


Chapters 21 and 22 are up. I considering starting a mailing list to notify anyone who cares when there are new chapters, anyone interested?

 © 2003 Maggie "Rei" Davidson. The Adventures of SOL and all related characters belong to me, Ms. Davidson, and cannot be used without written permission.  None of this is to be reproduced in any form or fashion without due credit to the author (That's me!).  If this is not followed, Lizerton soldiers will track you down and do very bad things to you.  VERY BAD THINGS!! Does anyone even read these things?  It's important you know.  For you to read these.  That way you know all the rules.  Anyhoo, if you would like to ask permission to use any of this, then e-mail me here.