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Here are some sites I've enjoyed visiting recently. I'll try to list new ones monthly and the really great ones will eventually find their way into the more-or-less permanent list of Links below!

Native Seeds/SEARCH
"Ancient seeds for modern needs" The website of a nonprofit organization seeking to protect crop biodiversity along with preserving the crop seeds that connect Native American cultures to their lands.

Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts
An extensive and fascinating site. Many pages.

Some Favorite Links

A to Z Home's Cool - Homeschooling Web Site
Ann Zeise's wonderfully thorough resource for all things about homeschooling

HomeSchool Association of California
The California homeschooling organization to which we belong. Great website for everyone!

National Home Education Network
All homeschoolers please check out this grassroots, inclusive homeschooling organization!

Good unschooling site that seems to be out of business. The articles are there, still, and it's worth looking at.

Home Education Magazine
A trusted name in homeschooling publications. Very good homeschooling resource. Good archives.

Permaculture The Earth

National Center for Science Education
A very good site.

The Ten Planets
Our favorite astronomy site, hands down.

The Natural Child Project

TCS Parenting: Taking Children Seriously

Sandra Dodd's Site
A must-read for unschoolers or potential unschoolers. She's mentored or encouraged all of us at one time or another. :-)

More Information on H.S.L.D.A.
A must-read site for all homeschoolers

William H. Calvin's Books and Articles
"mostly on brains, evolution, and where we're heading"

Fibonacci Numbers
They're everywhere.  They're fascinating.

St. Andrew's Abbey
If you're into Benedictine Monasteries, this is a neat website.  They're right around the corner from us.

Resources for recovery from abusive and controlling organizations and/or relationships

AFF - Cult Information Service
Level-headed. Good information.

Walk Away
If you're a recovering fundamentalist this might be a support.  Some good stuff, some so-so stuff, some amazingly insightful gems, and some side-splittingly funny tidbits (for the been-there-done-that crowd). I've just discovered that this very good site seems to not exist anymore. :-( If anyone knows where it's gone (I hope the material is still somewhere on the Internet) please email me with the URL! Thanks!

Nocturnal Society
Are you a night owl?  Have friends or relatives who are?  Enjoy.

The Vincent Van Gogh Information Gallery
The ultimate Van Gogh site!

Art Crimes
Do you find graffiti interesting? I sure do. Check this out.

Wild Grape
Interesting, often enlightening discussion about Los Angeles

Memento Mori
"web interface to the earth"  A very cool site.  Speaks for itself.

Learning Disability Links

Mike's Page
Visit An LP's Worth of Tunes...

     Roxanne's Site and Custom Cage Emporium

Remnants of a future untold
Jonathan's presence on the Internet

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