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Have you ever watched a 12 to 14 foot alligator sunning himself .   Do  you enjoy  watching Whooping Cranes?   Do you find a woodduck beautiful so you want to spend the day watching them lead their little ones away from the nest?
Have you ever read Thoreau's "The Main Woods" or Twain's "Roughing It" or "Pride & Prejudice" for fun?  How about "A Christmas Carol" by Dickens?  Silas Marner?
Have you ever written poetry or essays for fun? 
Have you ever tried French Onion soup with a piece of bread on top in the ceramic bowl to keep the heat in while you sat at table near a roaring fire in an Inn near Christmas time?  Have you ever enjoyed fresh shell fish in a small restaurant in a caboose painted red next to the sea with the windows open to the breezes?  Have you thought about the beauty of a ship with Christmas lights on masts and  lines sitting in harbor compared with a beautiful Christmas tree decked with lights and ornaments.
Life is special and valuable for all beings and should be enjoyed. Have you stopped and just relaxed and enjoyed it?
I  hope you have enjoyed the day and the Blessings found in it.
Too often we rush through life without finding friendship and Love.  
Here's to sitting on a ledge next to a lake listening to a loon call across the water.
Here's to watching swallows sitting in their nest solemn as judges waiting for their parents to come feed them.  If you were a judge being fed by your parents wouldn't you be solemn?
It is not necessary to demonstrate in the square to show one's love of nature but to do what one can to save it for future generations and teach others so that they might enjoy it.
I wish you a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, a Happy Easter, and someone to Love to share it with. 
Have you ever watched When Harry met Sally?  Have you ever watched Sleepless in Seattle?  Have you ever watched the Harry Potter series?
Do you root for the Ewocks in the Return Of The Jedi?
Have a cup of tea or hot chocolate or coffee and relax for a while.  Here's to friends doing things together.
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