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Oct. 18th, 2006-- I've updated the Scrapbook page, and a lot of other things, actually. I just cannot remember all I've done. ^^;

Feb. 27, 2005--
Holly goodness. I finally updated Gabrielle's page. About time, I know! I apologize to all who visit my site, for I have not been able to update in forever. But fear not, in the summer, everything will be better, and I'll be better about updating! XP

August 12, 2004--
Three new pages are up! Whoa! I know, I know.. They're a bit late.. But gimme a break, eh? I work /a lot/. So gner.

July 13, 2004--
Thanks to Bradleh, we have another Scrapbook page! Way to go, man! XP

June 13, 2004--
New layout.. Again.. *Shrugs* I just couldn't live without mah pink. XD

May 16, 2004--
New Quote.

April 29, 2004--
Wow, now there's a tag board! *Points to left of screen* Fwee!

March 22, 2004--
Yet another addition to the Scrapbook. Heh. Oh, and guess what?! Now it's all on ONE page! That's right! No more having to sift through six pages to find the newest page! Don't say it, I already know that I am wonderful. ^^;

March 7, 2004--
Another new Scrapbook page has been added! Can you say "Yahoo"? *Grins*

February 20, 2004--
Three new Scrapbook pages have been added. And man, were they tough to do! XB

February 2, 2004--
New layout, again! Fwee! I like it. Of course, I am bias, considering I made it and all. ^^; Oh, and there are little summaries for each of the Scapbook Pages. I stress the word -little- there. If someone else thinks of a better summary for one, feel free to tell me!

January 21, 2004--
Well, golly. The Guild's one year anniversary is coming up! Yahoo. And the Fingerprint Project you all have been wondering about will be revealed then. No sooner. No later. Period. Expect to see TWO new Scrapbook pages coming up soon.

December 31, 2003--
Not too many noticable changes... The biggest one would have be that there are NO more pop-ups while browsing around on this site! Yahoo!

December 28, 2003--
A new layout, folks! This one is made by ME! Bow down to pink!

December 23, 2003--
Due to a sudden plot twist, another page has been added. Two days in a row. Surely this must be some kind of record...

December 22, 2003--
Another Scrapbook page has been added! Yay!

December 1, 2003--
Updated Gabrielle's Profile and the 'About me' section. Check it out, you know you want to!

November 5, 2003-- Changed the picture of Gab, the old one looked so...Anime. Eh.

November 2, 2003--
Not one, not two, but THREE Scrapbook pages have been added to the site!

October 23, 2003--
Finally, a new, more involved layout. Trust me guys, I am done messing around with the design. It shall remain like this for awhile. Oh, and the Scrapbook is finally up! Yay!

October 10, 2003--
Just finished some images for the Guild Scapbook. In time, there will be summaries for just about all the major plots we have had over the past months!

October 3, 2003--
Hey, the site is finally up and running! This is really the first time I have messed around with HTML. .::Old Version ~ Horizon::.

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