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B2C Companies
144 Club - Golf courses, consulting (Soft Trend Capital Japan [36%])
1-800-Flowers (Softbank Inc. [$40 M])
AllAdvantage.com (Softbank Capital Partners $70 m)
AnyDay.com (SBVC)
Art.com [part of GETY] (SBVC)
BlueLight.com (SBC, Yahoo, KMart)
Body Shop Digital - Cosmetics Online (SBVC [24%])
Buy.com (Softbank Inc. [31%])
Carpoint Japan (SBC [50%], MSFT, Yahoo Japan)
cbook24.com (Softbank Publishing, IRI)
Chaitime.com - Indian Portal (eVentures India)
charitableway.com (SBVC)
China Travel Hi-Tech HK (SBC [10%])
China Guardian Auctions - largest Chinese-art auction house (SBC, C&W HKT)
Communities.com (Softbank Investment Partners)

Bank Online. Earn Free Miles
CompuBank (Softbank Finance, GE Financial Assurance, Goldman Sachs)

Content Capital Ltd Australia (SBC) Film content creation and financing
Contests2win (eVentures [20%])
Cruel World (formerly Career Central) SBVC (15%)
Dangdang.com China (SBC, IDG)
Deja.com (ZD)
DirectAdvice.com - Financial planning services (SBC)
DoDots, Inc. (SBVC)
E-Advisor Co Ltd (Softbank Finance [72%], DirectAdvice.com, MSFT)
eBEST Corp. (SBC [33.3%])
eCareer Corp. (Softbank [75%], Orix, Hikari Tsushin, Indigo Corp.)
eCoverage (SBVC)
Electric Classifieds (ECI) (Softbank --)
Electric Communities (SBVC)
Electron Economy (SBVC)
E-Loan (Softbank Inc., Softbank Ventures, Yahoo!, ETrade)
E-Loan Japan (Softbank Finance [60%])
Engage games online (Softbank Inc.)
E*NetCard Co. (Softbank Finance [49%] with Acom)
eS-Books Corp. (SBC)
e-Shopping! CarGoods Corp (Softbank Commerce [46%], Nippon Mitsubishi Oil)
e-Shopping! Information Corp. (SBC)
e-Shopping! Music Corp (Softbank Commerce [65%])
e-Shopping! Toys Corp. (Softbank [52.5%], Yahoo Japan, Bandai, Tomy Co. Ltd., Takara Co. Ltd.)
E-Trade (Softbank Inc. [27%])
E-Trade Japan(Softbank Finance [58%])
E*Trade Korea (SBC)
Exactis.com - part of 24/7 Media (Softbank --)
expertcity.com - person to person computer support (ZD)
Gamebank Japan (SBC)
GameSpot (ZD)
Gamesville.com [Acquired by LCOS] (SBVC)
Global Sports Interactive (SBC [30%])
Gomez Advisors (SBC)
Geocities Japan (SBC [60%])
InsWeb - Insurance Quotes and Information (Softbank Inc. [20%])
InsWeb Japan (Softbank Finance [55%], Microsoft)
Kozmo.com (SBC, Amazon)
Launch Media - Music Portal and content provider (SBVC, Intel, GE)
Launch Media Japan (SBC)
LightSpan - Education portal (Softbank Inc., MSFT, KPCB)
Malaysia Online (SBIIS [10%])
more.com (SBVC)
MorningStar Inc. (SBC [20%])
MorningStar Japan (SBC)
Multex Investments (Softbank Ventures [5%])
Net2Phone (SBC[10%])
Netease.com - Portal (SBC)
netpilgrim.com -The Mecca for Tech Professionals (eVentures [74%], Rediff)
NTT Data Officemart (SBC [10%], NTT Data)
Odimo.com (Softbank Capital Partners [$31 M])
OnSale Japan (SBC [60%])
OptiMark Technologies, Inc. (Softbank Capital Partners [$100 million])
Paytrust - Bill Payment (SBVC)
PeoplePC (Softbank Capital Partners)
PhotoPoint (SBVC)
Planet U (SBVC)
Plaza Create (SBC [5%])
PointCast (sold to IdeaLab by Softbank Inc.)
presenter.com (SBC)
Red Herring Magazine (ZD)
Rentals.com (SBVC, Sequoia)
Riot Entertainment - Wireless MultiMedia - Finland (SB UK Ventures [20%], NOK)
Rivals.com - Sports news aggregator (Softbank Capital Partners [$35 million])
SayIt.com (Softbank Inc.)
SINA.com - #1 Destination Site for Chinese Worldwide (SBC)
SKY PerfecTV! (SBC [11%], NWS)
StartSampling.com (SBVC)
Talk City (SBVC)
TheStreet.com (SBVC)
ThinkLink - Free voicemail, email, fax, paging (SBVC)
ThirdAge Media (Softbank Inc.)
Toysrus.com (Softbank Capital, Softbank Venture)
TradeCard (SB Finance, Mitsubishi)
WebVan - Internet Grocery Shopping and Delivery (Softbank Inc.)
Yahoo! Inc. (Softbank Inc. [26%])
Yahoo Japan (SBC [51%])
Yahoo! Korea (SBC)
Ziff-Davis Inc. (Softbank Inc. [69%])
ZDNet Japan (SBC[100%])

B2B Companies
AGENTics - B2B E-Commerce (SBVC)
Alibaba.com - Global B2B e-Market (SBC)
ChinaWeb (Softbank China Venture Investments [8%]) Financial and eCommerce services
click2Learn.com [formerly Asymetrix] (SBVC, Vulcan Ventures)
Cognotec - Online Currency-Trading Systems (SBC [10%])
Comdex (ZD)
Comergent - Distributed e-business (Softbank Technology Ventures)
ConnectMed.com (SBC, Warburg Pincus, Chase Capital)
Cyber Agent Company Limited (Softbank [2.2%]) Hikari Tsushin [6.6%]
Cyber Sign Japan (SBC [11%])
CyberCash (Softbank Inc. [6%])
CyberCash Japan (Softbank Finance [49%])
Cyber Communications (SBC)
Cyber-port HongKong (Softbank, PCCLF)
Cycolor, Inc. (SBC [$15m] with Plaza Create)
Decisive - CRM Solutions [being acquired by Nasdaq:MESG](Softbank Inc.)
DoveBid - Business Auctions Worldwide (SBCP)
e2-Capital - Investment banking (Softbank IISL [5.5%])
escrow.com (SB Finance)
eShare Technologies, Inc. (Softbank Ventures)
FastParts.Com (Softbank Inc.)
Finali - Online Customer Management Services (SBVC)
Financial Media - Investor Relations advisory company (Softbank Finance, Takara Printing)
ForexBank [part of Sonnet Financial](SBC [60%])
Healtheon/WebMD (SBC [approx $15 M])
Internet Commerce Connection - Internet b2b solutions (SBVC)
iPrint.com (SBVC)
law.com (Softbank Capital Partners)
Lifecycle Systems, Inc - PC Support solutions (SBVC)
LIMITrader Securities, Inc. (SBVC)
LRN - The Legal Knowledge Company (Softbank Capital Partners, SBVC)
Mainspring Communications - eStrategy consulting (--)
MeetChina.com (Softbank China Ventures, Citicorp)
Mentum - web development (Possibly Softbank Inc.)
MessageMedia (Softbank Inc. [32%])
Mt. Everest - e-Commerce China (Softbank Corp.)
Nasdaq-Europe (Softbank, NASD, epartners, ViVentures)
Nasdaq Japan (SBC [50%], NASD)
Naviant - eCommerce applications (Softbank Inc.)
NetAcross Ltd - eBusiness (eVentures)
Net Web, Inc. (SBC, Hikari Tsushin)
Nippon Credit Bank of Japan (Softbank Finance [40%], Orix, Tokio Marine)
Pasona Softbank (SBC [19.8%])
The Patent and License Exchange (SBC)
PEN Group (SBVC)
Perfect.com - B2B (SBVC)
Preview Systems - Solutions for ESD and E-commerce (SBVC)
Prio [Acquired by INSP] (SBVC)
Reelplay.com - Media B2B (SBVC)
ServiceMagic.com (SBVC)
SmartAge - Small Business B2B (Softbank Capital Partners)
SmartAge Japan Corp. (Softbank Commerce [55%])
Softbank Frontier Securities Co. - underwriting unlisted companies (Softbank Finance)
Support.com (SBVC)
Suruga Bank Online Banking (SB Finance)
Tradescape.com (Softbank Finance, MSDW, SSB)
Televoke - wireless ASP (SBVC)
Throughline - Business Services (SBVC)
VerticalNet Japan Corp. (Softbank Commerce [60%], VerticalNet)
Utusan Online (Asia Online)
WebCel Communications Inc. (Softbank Inc.)
WebHire - Internet recruiting solutions (Softbank Capital Partners)
WebMD Japan (SBC [60%])

Infrastructure Companies
Abuzz (sold by Softbank to Times Company Digital)
Andromedia [Part of Macromedia now] (Softbank Inc.)
AppGenesys - Infrastructure (SBVC, Chase Capital)
Art Technology Group (Softbank Ventures [6.5%])
Asia Online Ltd. (SBVC [~80%], J.P. Morgan)
Asia Global Crossing (SBC [15.5%], MSFT, GLBX)
BackWeb (Softbank Inc.)
Baltimore Technologies Japan (SB Networks, SB Investment)
B-Hub - web services for small businesses (SBVC)
beMANY! - Demand Aggregator for services and utilities (SBVC, Bertelsmann)
BizBlast.com - eBusiness Hosting (SBVC)
Broad Daylight : eCRM ASP (SBVC)
Camelot IT Ltd. Israel (SBC [10%])
ChannelWave - Relationship Management(SBVC)
Cisco - Japan (SBC [3%] with 12 other companies)
Concentric Network [Acquired by Nextlink] (Softbank Ventures)
Connected - Network Backup Software (Softbank Inc.)
Critical Path (SBVC [7%], ETrade)
digimarc.com (SBVC)
Digital Logistics (SBVC)
Dimensional Media Associates, Inc. - 3D Imaging technology (--)
ETrieve - Intelligent email management (Ignition, SBVC)
Everest Broadband Networks (SBVC)
Evoke - Streaming media provider for corporate communications (SBVC)
Fourth Communications Network, Inc. (Softbank Inc.)
Harmonix Music, Inc. (Softbank Finance)
HeyAnita.com - Internet access via Voice (SBC, SBVC, Korea Thrunet)
HotVoice.com - Unified messaging (SBVC)
Impulse! Buy Network [part of Inktomi Nasdaq:INKT] (Yahoo, SBVC)
Infoteria - XML engines, tools and solutions (Softbank Investment, Nippon Investment Finance)
Interliant (SBVC)
Internet Research Institute Japan (SBC, Yahoo, NTT)
Intervista Software - Visualization Software Solutions (SBVC)
InterTrust Technologies (Softbank Inc.)
Invisible Worlds - Internet infrastructure (SBC, Reuters)
Interactive Search, Inc. (Softbank Ventures)
Japan Media System Corp. - Network Gear Developer (Soft Trend Capital, Soft Venture Capital [28%])
Jitong-China Golden Bridge Network (maybe UTStarcom)
Kinesoft Development (SBC)
Novell Japan (SBC)
NetCel360 - Internet outsourcing (SBC)
NetMind [Acquired by PUMA] (SBVC)
OnLive, Inc. (SBVC)
Puma Technology - Mobile Internet access (Softbank --)
receipt.com - Digital Receipt Solutions (Softbank Inc.)
Reciprocal, Inc. (SBVC, MSFT)
Reachcast (SBVC)
SecureSoft Korea (Softbank Korea [5%])
Service Metrics - bought by EXDS (SBVC)
ShareWave - Semiconductor and Networking software (Softbank Technology Partners)
Softbank Digital Rights, Inc. (Softbank [60%], Reciprocal)
Spearhead Security Technologies (SBC)
SpeedNet Japan - Wireless ISP (SBC [31%], MSFT, TEPCO)
Spinway - Free Internet Access Enabler (SBVC)
Syntra - eCommerce (SBCP, INKT)
TellSoft - Internet, Computers, and Telephony (SBVC)
TeraBeam Networks (Softbank Inc.)
UTStarcom (SBC [Biggest Shareholder])
Vector Japan (Softbank Commerce [46%])
VeriSign (SBVC)
VeriSign Japan (Verisign, SBC [4%], NTT Data, 5 other companies)
Viacore - eBusiness Hub (SB America)
Vigil Technologies (Seed Capital Partners)
Virtual Private Internet Provider Ltd. (SBC, with Cisco, ICL UK, CW Communications UK)
Xpeed, Inc. - DSL Equipment (SBC)

Incubator and Subsidiary Companies
@Viso (SBC [50%], Vivendi)
eVentures (SBC [50%], ePartners-NWS)
eVentures India (eVentures, Mittal)
eVentures New Zealand (eVentures)
i-group Hotbank NE (SBC)
Ignition Corp. - Wireless Incubator (SBVC, QCOM)
Intend Change - Internet Incubator (SBVC)
K Road Ventures (Softbank Corp. [25%], Vivendi, Sithe Energies)
Soft Trend Capital Corp. [a.k.a. Softbank Internet Fund] (SBC [100%])
Softbank Emerging Markets (Softbank Corp. [75%]) IFC [25%]
Softbank Europe Ventures (Softbank [$400m], Vivendi [$100m], others [$50m])
Softbank Finance Corp. (SBC [100%])
Softbank Inc. (SBC [100%])
Softbank Investment Corp. (SBC [100%])
Softbank Investment International Strategic Ltd. (SBC [61%])
Softbank Korea (SBC)
Softbank Latin America Ventures (SBC)
Softbank UK Ventures (Softbank [$275m, epartners [$150m], others [$25m])
Softbank Venture Capital (SBC [7.5%])
StartupFactory - Wireless Incubator (SBC)
TechPacific.com - Asia's First Technology Investment Bank (SBC [5%])
ThinkTank.Com - Internet Incubator (part of HotBank)
Subsidiary Companies (from SBC website)

Many, MANY more... (Whew!)

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UTStarcom leverages its Presence in China
US, Japan Firms Eye PRC Internet Market
Softbank Starts Direct Sales of PC Clones to Expand Business
Softbank announces intention to form new fund focussed on Internet
Boston Globe Online - Business - Investor sees no trouble with Net bubble
Softbank to Give Managers Warrants as Part of Incentive Plan
Buying a big slice of Internet Pie
CNET News.com - PointCast acquired by Idealab
Softbank goes on the promotion trail
A partial list of Softbank domain registrations
Softbank Strengthening Hardware Business, Exec. VP Says
Softbank set for online investors - Japanese group has structures in place to offer financial planning after deregulation
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Focus-Japan's Softbank tumbles into 1st group loss
Interview-Lehman sees Softbank share price rising
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Forbes 990705: A 300 year plan for the Internet
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ON24, Inc. 03/24/00, The Brick and Mortar Sleeping Giants Waking to a New Economy 10:49
Phil Leigh’s Interview with Bill Burnham, General Partner of SBVC - May 17, 2000
SCMP: Softbank goes on offensive after share fall
SOFTBANK Corp. Organizes for Rapid International Expansion; Creates Global Ventures Group to Manage Markets Outside of Japan
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SoftBank tries to rebuild - Global dot.com leader goes on offensive to stop debt doubts eroding share price
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