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Soft Uploading:


Uploading means transferring a person's mental structure (such as memory, personality, etc) from the brain to a computer so s/he can live on a new substrate. This idea has been around in science fiction for some time, eg Neuromancer [Gibson 1984]. In 1990 Hans Moravec briefly speculated on several uploading methods in his book Mind Children. Circa 1994, Joe Strout coined the term "Mind Uploading" and created a web site and a few years later started MURG (Mind Uploading Research Group) where I joined their discussions in 2001.

Normally the brain will be destroyed in the process of scanning, such as by laser ablation. Soft uploading, where the brain is gradually replaced by a computer matrix, will require very sophisticated brain interfacing. This web site is devoted to examinating the feasibility of this idea. [See also my analysis on the Continuity of Self Identity issue (Aug/2003).]


  1. MURG (Mind Uploading Research Group)
  2. Transhumanism is the idea of improving the human mind, body, and society with technology and other means. For more information visit:
  3. Robert Ettinger's 1965 book Prospect of Immortality started the cryonics movement and forever changed our perception of death and aging. The idea that science and technology may one day enable physical immortality can be traced back to Benjamin Franklin (1706-90), the biologist JBS Haldane (1892-1964) (evolutionary theory of aging), and physicist Erwin Schrodinger (1887-1961) (his influential book What is Life?). Recent advocates include William Haseltine (Chairman and CEO of Human Genome Sciences, Inc), Aubrey de Gray (anti-ageing researcher), et al. For more on physical immortality visit: Immortality Institute.
  4. Science fiction writer and computer scientist Vernor Vinge first proposed (in 1993) that advances in artificial intelligence will bring about a disruptive transformation of human society known as the Singularity. For more details see:
  5. For following groups are developing AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) or 'seed' AI:


My personal view on The Transhuman Future


Indefinite Life Extension (ILE)

Word document: Survey of ILE Technologies — draft (Jan/2003)
Powerpoint presentation: Survey of ILE Technologies v1.0 (similar stuff, somewhat out of sync) (Dec/2003)

Latest News of Myself (Mar/2004)

I am gradually switching my focus to AI research since it is becoming increasingly clear to me that advances in AI will be the most effective in bringing about the transhumanist future. (Visit my new web site on generic AI.) I will update this page later to explain this view, and also tie up some lose ends on this site so it will provide up-to-date information on matters related to gradual uploading.

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1/Apr/2004 Yan King Yin