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Soft Uploading:

Personal Page of Yan King Yin

I'm studying computer science, neuroscience, and biochemistry at Hofstra University, NY, USA.

My vision is to develop a practical approach to indefinite life-extension and to make it available to the broadest population possible within the shortest time.

In Feb/2003 I drafted a tentative outline for soft uploading which was based on Randal Koene's suggestion of automated parameter fitting and nonlinear regression.

In 2004 my research interest switched to artificial intelligence. Please visit my new web site General Intelligence Research Group and my new personal page if you want to track my latest activities!

Contact information

2007 update: my email has changed. Please do not use the Lycos address.
Use this: General_Intelligence_at_hotmail_dot_com

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Nov/2007 Yan King Yin