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Soft Uploading:

Strategic Planning

Complexity of Uploading

Not everthing that is technically feasible will happen. In my opinion the pathway 'from here to there' is mainly constrained by economics (and the intrinsic complexities of the problems).

According to some theoretical considerations by Nicolas Rescher [Priceless Knowledge 1996], progress in science tends to become exponentially harder because of combinatorial explosion, which results in logrithmic returns on investment. For a lot of interesting problems (eg anti-aging, proteome project, brain emulation, and perhaps AI) what seems to be their major obsticles is precisely this kind of combinatorial explosion. This complexity may offset Moore's Law and result in linear technological progress instead of acceleration.

Financing Uploading R&D

I proposed a IP token system (Jan/2004) which is basically a research consortium with intellectual property securitization, which may be applicable for a broad range of futurist technologies. [ Note: It turns out that this scheme is not quite feasible due to the 20-year limit of patent life under current laws. (Mar/2004) ]


Look at this Profile to see if your goal / values are similar to mine.


Mailing-List: To keep in touch with me and discuss uploading-related topics, join the mailing-list of MURG → murg.

IRC (Internet Relay Chat):
These chatrooms are for SL4.org and ImmInst.org, there're people in the rooms 24/7 and I'm in there quite often. There're several ways to get on IRC for all platforms, if you're using Windows you may download mIRC. Log on to server SL4.org and join the channel #Immortal or #SL4. Another way is to visit ImmInst.org and click on their chat link.

Online Conference: ?

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Mar/2004 Yan King Yin