O'Brother Where art thou Spades?
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Spade Team on Guardian Knights Ladder
SoggyBottomGang was created
April, 27, 2001

We are a Spades Team that plays on
Guardian Knights Ladder
@ MSN Zone

We like to hang out with our teammates and all our ladder friends in LR 3 joking around in the lobby and at the tables.
And of course playing a good fun,
honest game of spades! :)

The BEST part about the Soggy team since it started, is the great friendships
that have been made and will last a life time in the hearts of many.

We try to get along with everyone,
and we take great Pride in our team.
We hope when you play our team that you always leave wanting to come
back and play us again.

Thanks to all the wonderful SOGGY players for making the SoggyBottomGang
one of the BEST teams around!

And thanks to all of our opponents
for many fun games!

Incase you haven't noticed, our team name SoggyBottomGang
comes from the wonderfully hilarious movie O'Brother where art thou!
Thank you from the Soggy Family
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