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Welcome to Sogolon...your source for personalized, handmade jewelry and shrine ornaments!
Drape for Osagiyan
My Personal Drape for Oya!
Drape for Yemoja Okute
Drape for Yemoja Asaba
Here at Sogolon, I create custom hand made, bracelets, necklaces, one-of-a-kind earrings, and what I call 'drapes'. These are open-ended neck laces with implements or emblems that you specify on each end, (for example my personal drape has a copper fly whisk on one end and a copper machete on the other for Oya). You may choose from standard sets of implements or you may request custom ones. You may also specify the color of beads used in your piece. The implements or emblems you specify  may come out of your spiritual tradition, reflect your astrology sign, represent your personality, or your hobby, or they may be abstract. It's really up to you! Please stay tuned for new developments as soon I will soon be able to include new items in my line.
Oya Necklace
Ogun necklace
Drapes may be consecrated and hung on sacred vessels, placed in shrine areas, worn by you, or even hung on your rear view mirror! With adequate notice, I can also make implements sacred to the deities in miniature to hand out as favors at ceremonies. For example, why not hand out miniature brass bata drums to honored guests at a celebration for Sango? Or tiny hammers or train tracks for Ogun? Perhaps you would like to present guests at your Yemoja celebration with miniature silver fish in commemoration of the event? These miniatures can later be used as key chains, placed on the shrine, or put to whatever use you can come up with! I also create hand made crowns for sacred vessels or for the new initiate. All of the jewelry and ornaments are hand made from copper, brass, or silver,and glass or semiprecious stone beads, and can be custom made to order or chosen from a set of standard designs shown on this site.
Left, Drape for a person whose asrological sign is Scorpio
My custom pieces are never repeated so you can rest assured that the pieces you purchase are one of a kind designs especially for you. I am more than happy to collaborate with you in creating jewelry and shrine ornaments related to the Abosom, the Neteru, or other  theme you may specify. Please don't hesitate to contact me about anything you may or may not have seen on the site. I am very flexible and will try my very best to accommodate your requests!
Yemoja Asaba earrings
Left, Oya earrings
Sango/Oya Earrings
Right, Yemoja Earrings

Ordering is simple. You may contact me by email as listed below. Please make sure to include your phone number and/or email with your order, since I may need to contact you regarding the details of your request. Order completion times vary with each job and with the intricacy of the items requested. Unfortunately at this time I am not set up to receive payment by credit card. Until I am, you may send payment in the form of a check or a money order when you place your order. Please make all money orders payable to myself, Nzinga Metzger and send payment to:

Sogolon Jewelry
PO Box 180021
Tallahassee, FL 32318

Thank You for visiting my site! I look forward to doing business with you!