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Randal's Sanctuary has moved to http://www.randalssanctuary.com. Please update your bookmarks accordingly! The Geocities address will become non-functional in October if not sooner, and I will no longer be updating the site at the Geocities address.

Due to the historic Geocities neighborhood being ruthlessly torn down by Yahoo!, I have painstakingly moved my site and award program to another host provider. All links on this page to other pages within this website will now take you to the appropriate page at the new address. I am still online and taking applications; please be patient as I catch up on award applications after leaving my Internet host provider of eleven years and transplanting my online home elsewhere on the web.

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FYI: Below is an advertisement for the hosting provider where Randal's Sanctuary is now located. I wasn't about to let Yahoo! have my business with this drawn out bait and switch...not to mention they didn't offer me a deal until I had already registered my domain name elsewhere. The hosting provider below is a lot cheaper than anything Yahoo has to offer anyway. Their loss!


This is an ongoing research project of mine. I have been conducting interviews through written correspondence with former Editors-in-Chief of the Missouri Miner newspaper to get them to reflect on their time there. Being a staff member of this paper was a valuable and unique learning experience for me, so I wanted to see if this opinion was shared by others 15, 30, 45+ years later. ***There are over 20 pages of original interviews in this section!***

Apply for my Web Award, Writing Matters Web Excellence Award!
This in my mind is a continuation of the awards program run on this site from 1999-2000. Of course, most rating organizations say it's been dormant for so long that I have to call it a new award program, so I am awaiting new ratings for this new program. This award focuses on content, for those of us who like the creamy filling slightly more than the crunchy cookie shell.

Read My Poetry at Authorsden.com.
Just don't pay them, they keep charging you after you tell them to quit and won't answer their telephone or respond to e-mail. If you'd rather, you can stay and view my commentary on a few poems and the cover photograph from my new poetry book.

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Please be familiar with my policies regarding copyrights, privacy, C.O.P.P.A., and ethics.

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