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Fort Simpson, NT





Picture:  Tonya in Dettah, near to where she grew up in Yellowknife, NT Original paintings of life in the north; the beauty, the people and the natural setting

"Growing up in the North has had a profound effect on myself, not only as a person but also an artist.  The ideas I explore in my art work consist of the possibility of the human race returning in a sense to a more integrated or involved relationship to their natural surroundings."

"It is time to recognize how important the human element is in the natural cycles of the land.  The more we seperate ourselves by moving away from nature, the harder it will be for us to follow the earth's laws.  If we are not unified with her, we are alienated from mother earth."

"In today's times of environmental turmoil I feel it's important to learn from our past and incorporate it with our technological society as we go forward.   In essence, to take the best of both worlds."

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Limited Edition Print - 500 in series
"Deh Cho Sunset"
$75 (plus shipping)
Contact  Visitor Information Center, Fort Simpson
(867) 695-3182 or (867) 695-3555

Tonya was born in Toronto, Ontario, but moved North at age seven to Yellowknife, N.W.T.  She has also lived in Fort Smith.  Currently, she resides in Fort Simpson at a Dene Bush Camp and paints full time.  Her cultural background is a mix of Russian and Ojibwe.

Tonya has had many public showings of her art work including:

Mvc-039f.jpg (71230 bytes) Mural Project (Fort Simpson): 

Tonya's community beautification project (still underway):  A giant mural that depicts the two lifestlyes that co-exist here in the North.  Her mural is a positive look at how these lifestyles will link to the future. 1998 Tonya Makletzoff  

    (closeup of mural section)     Mvc-038f.jpg (58274 bytes)

Laffety.jpg (179929 bytes) Old McPherson House:

Dating back to the early 30's, this is one of the earliest structures still standing in Fort Simpson.  The house overlooks "the flats" and the joining of the Mackenzie and Liard Rivers.   The house belonged to a Metis that worked for the Hudson's Bay Company as their main trader. 1998 Tonya Makletzoff  


Trapper'scorner.jpg (76298 bytes) Trapper's Corner:  Fine Art Cards Available - Box of 15, $40.00/  lesser quantitites at $3.50ea the Visitor Information Center in Fort Simpson at (867) 695-3182

Tonya has spent much time on the trapline.  Trapper's Corner is inspired from her husband's cabin, and  the cozy atmosphere that prevails, while outside the minus 40C weather rages.  1997 Tonya Makletzoff

Smokebreak.jpg (159094 bytes) Smoke Break:

Tonya's husband, Michael, crossing the Trout Lake winter road (close to Mackenzie  highway)...time for a smoke break.  Traditional traplines crisscross the modern roads in pursuit of an age old occupation. 1997 Tonya Makletzoff

Sacredheart.jpg (197274 bytes) Sacred Heart:

The Sacred Heart Church (Roman Catholic) has been a big part of native life in Fort Simpson.   No longer, the dominant influence it once was, the lasting impact of early missionairies and priests can still be felt today.


moosehide.jpg (60875 bytes) Wildmoon:

Working in a different medium, Tonya's Wildmoon is painted on moosehide and framed in the shape of the traditional beaver stretching hide. 

CowboysandIndians.jpg (43189 bytes) Cowboys and Indians:

Inspired by a poem from Ojibwe writer Lenore Keeshig/Tobias, the painting represents how the media can impact life in a Native community.

" It was always better to be a cowboy than an Indian in the movies, because the cowboy always came out on top"

Homewardbound.jpg (35211 bytes) Homeward Bound:

Travelling across the unspoilt vastness, this trapper is as dependent on the natural resources as were his grandparents

Invelvet.jpg (58726 bytes) In Velvet:

In June and July, the Caribou's horns are in velvet. The color is a vibrant red which complements the deep greens of the summer season.

Drumcase.jpg (54135 bytes) Drumcase:

A combination of philosophy and beliefs find a home on a traditional native drum case.


If you would like to commision a piece or would like to inquire about the artist or her work, please contact by email or by snail mail (address above)

Tonya is looking for possible distributers of her work ... so if you wish to do so, please email.

Hope you enjoyed the page...Tonya