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City Apartment of Noxas(Gray) and Cricky(Kathy)

Last Updated on 16th May 2000

Welcome to our City Apartment

News board

The news board contains details of what is on the site and where it can be found.


This Business section contains my CV and employment details.

Goto Cabin

Visit the Personal section to find out more about Cricky, Noxas and our friends.

Photo Gallery

The Photo Gallery contains photos from parties, trips, events.

Spare Room

The Spare Room contains downloads that hopefully will be useful to someone one day.

 IRC Chat Room #Cricky&Noxas


We have designed and built a moderated IRC room on the Galaxynet range of servers called #Cricky&Noxas. This page explains the site, lists the rules, and contains all the Newsletters so hopefully you will come and visit us there.


If you are new to IRC & Galaxynet then hopefully this page will help you. It contains a link to the mIRC homepage. There is also a list of Galaxynet servers which you can use to enter the room #Cricky&Noxas.

Room #TJ

The chat room #TJ has been a place of much discussion regarding the use of a bot to control its room. The page details the vote taken to decide on the future of room #TJ and also the mails sent out to solicit people's opinions about the room.

Beast Enders Real Time Interactive Show

This is intended to educate and delight (hopefully) you about the real time interactive show Beast Enders. Also an explanation as to the origins, the people involved, and newsletters can all be found here. Beast Enders has been quiet for a while as it is undergoing a restructuring and a move of location... though it will hopefully return one day.


The Origins

The Organizers

The Newsletters

 Books & Booze


This is a link to a book reading club that Noxas has joined. Lots of reviews on reading matter and as the title implies a nice bunch of people to drink with.

Links to Other Web Sites

Beach House

The Beach House is a linked site containing a Varity of bits and pieces.

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