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David Reed Trombley

I have been too lazy lately to work on this page, so those who have been here and have seen nothing, I give you my humblest apologies. To give you an update of my life... I am no longer actively at Augsburg College, but am going to go to Weekend College soon when I pay off some loans. I turned 31 on the 19th of January, oh my god there went the hill...and still am hoping to be an English Major, or a part of me wants to do sports if you know But I plan to graduate some time soon...I have 12 credits left. I still write poetry, and there is lots on this page, towards the bottom.

Well, I'm from Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. and graduated with honors from Brooklyn Center High School, home of the Centaurs... I'm involved in their sports department, which is taking stats for football, or running the scoreboard or announcing for basketball, wrestling and hockey, or some coaching for football.

I also am an employee for the City of Brooklyn Center, and I keep score for softball games 4 nights a week during the summer. The highlight of the season is the Budweiser / Dudley National Invitational Tournament that is held at the fields I work at every Father's Day weekend. During that weekend, my best friend Chris Benny and I will be the announcers for the tournament. It's alot of fun.

I took a job over 5 years ago at Illbruck Inc. to pay for my bills...Well the department I work in was taken over by
Concorde Manufacturing...
so now I work 40-50 hours a week...Oh Joy. If you decide to go the Illbruck website, the international company is really into sailing, and you can travel with the boat when the races happen...

Well...I finally got 3 silly pictures of me available... so here goes nothing...

  • Picture 1
  • Picture 2

  • a pic of my new
    As you can fits my personality perfectly....when I get my 2nd...I'll put a pic of it up as well... I have 1 brother, Chad who is almost 33...(hee hee I get to torture him) He is back in school to be a Paramedic...he works right now for Lifelink doing ambulance transport. My parents have been divorced for some time, and I currently live off either one who will give me money... (j/k)

    Well I am now single...and looking around for someone who is real special, and can put up with a nutcase like me.

    When I am not writing, I can be found listening to music constantly. I have a very extensive collection that ranges in the area of 480 tapes and 1100 CD's. My range of tastes are wide, I like heavy metal, thrash, hard rock, progressive, blues, jazz, new age and classical. The other hobby I set myself to is playing NTN Trivia when I go to the bar. I am a Players Plus member with over 6,900,000 points. I am the bar champion, and don't back down from any challenge,

    HERE IT IS!!!!! A page dedicated to My Entire Music Collection. Now you can see what music I own, so I can be... THE ENVY OF ALL WHO SEES THE LIST!!!
    My music collection is listed in alphabetical order of all the artists I have tapes or CD's from. There is also a link hidden on page 2 that will allow you to see a collection I created of my favorite songs from all the music I own.

    NOW!!!! I have finally put some of my writings on the page.... There isn't many at this time, but hey! I have to type them in 1 at a time. So...HERE THEY ARE!!!
    Feel free to send me some comments on my writing. I think deep down inside each of us wants to be a rock and roll star...either sing or play guitar or pound the drums...but writing also cleanses the soul.

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