The Birth of Beau Burnside III
His Early Years

A Hopeless Romantic
A True Southern Gentleman with Cozy Opulence.

In the 1969, there was this all-American boy, who had lettered in high school, was an ex-seminary with lots of late study nights , but who only worked hard on the books, he was also married with number one and only son on the way.
Well his boss who he was working for part-time while trying to finish his degree, introduced him to a very handsome young man of Italian decent who worked for the Post Master General Office as a typist ( better know today as an Administrative Assistant).
Well this all-American boy didn't know much but was he in for an education of his life, they kind that hadn't been taught in any of the schools he had been in. It was a real education when on special occasions this man who was all

"Mame Dennis".

Well this boy was given a wonderful present something he never knew he needed or wanted or even knew existed. Talk about opening a new window, a new door

Open a New Door

For a while it was rough, even thing was new, different, and all mixed up. Everything was against what he had been taught.

Everything was wrong -----------
But how could it be wrong when it felt so right -------

So BEAU BURNSIDE III was born and allowed to let that part of himself who was the writer out, that part that had held inside for so many years.

Mame w/bugle ICON

The Prose of
Beau Burnside III

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