• Who are the Candle & the Crow?
  • The Candle & The Crow are Scott & Elaine, two people who enjoy gaming and wish to share their enjoyment of games with other people. That's all. We are not employees of the companies nor do we profit in any way from the products we mention. We are just people with hints and tips, and reviews of games that we want to share, and who would love to hear hear what you think about the things we mention.

  • What are the Candle & the Crow Game Pages?
  • The Candle and Crow Game Pages are the "virtual-parchments" that on which we will be posting our comments, and yours if you would like, on the games we like and enjoy playing. In addition to our comments about the games we are currently interested in, and will include stategy tips, reviews, or other information about them so hopefully whether you are a veteran gamesman, or a neophyte merely interested in a game, you can find out something new. But we're not the experts by any means, so what you have to say is important to us as well. That's why we have e-mail links on the games pages, so you can send along your thoughts and comments.

    Visit The Candle & The Crow Rage Page for hints and tips for White Wolf Game Studios' Collectable Card Game RAGE.

    or Visit The Candle & The Crow Mage Page, for deck designs, ideas and play variants for the sensational Wizards of the Coast game Magic: The Gathering.

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  • Stop on by my neighbor Steve Lashower's Home Page for information on Sega Game stuff.

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