Development on Star Wars 32X began mid-May, 1994. Chris Warner and I were selected to head up the port from Sega of Japan's arcade game to the 32X. Overseeing the project down at our end was John Brandstetter (Johnny Turbo). To meet the deadline for the launch of the 32X, we completed the project in 4 months - a division record!

Below are some screen shots and a partial list of some of the talented people who worked on the project:

Developed At
Sega Interactive

Programmed By
Steven Lashower and Christopher Warner

Lead 3D Artist
Herman Cheng

Additional Programming
Kevin Burley and Alan Wise

3D Artists
Albert Co, Fred Weimer
Steven Mclure and Willis Wong

Background Artists
William Kier and Mike Chung

Trristan Des Pres, Jeff Tveras
and Dave Delia

FM Sound Effects
Mike Larkin

John C. Brandstetter and Jesse Taylor

Unfortunately, all of the cheat codes require the use of a six-button controller. To activate a cheat code, press START to pause the game and enter one of the following codes:

Cheat TypeJoypad Input
Timer ResetLeft, Down, A, C, Down, Up (LDACDU)
Timer OffDown, B, B, Up, Right, L (DBBURL)
Dancin' PianoUp, Right, Left, A, Down, C (URLADC)

There are no more user-accessable cheat codes. At one time there was a cheat code available for setting the shields to maximum, but it was removed from the game during testing. However, the code is still present in the game, and can easily be enabled using a cartridge editor.

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