I am your Past, your Present

your Future

I am Timeless, Ageless and Formless

I am your Sweetest Dream

your Worst Nightmare



I have observed and been guardian of this quadrant of Space and Time for over 5 billion of your earth years. My present home is in your deepest darkest subconscious which I am now going to unlock and take you on a journey that spans trillions of light years. We will travel through Time and into the Universe from which I came wherein you will see wonders and delights, into other Universes which only those with strong hearts and souls can survive.

There is no "good" no "evil" in this infinite space, only REALITY!!.
The closest thing to "evil" is Homo Sapiens which we regretfully created. They have, however, activated their self destruct mechanism. We will save the children of this misbegotten Planet as we have ordained that one day they shall be "The meek who shall inherit the Earth".

And so the journey begins. Our first series of pictures will portray the forming of your Universe through the ultimate destruction of the Earth and our rescue operation of all the little ones who will be returned when she has healed herself and all the species we created are fully replenished.

This self destruct mechanism is called FILOVIRUS
Filoviruses are immutable and are the "safety valve" of all planets throughout the many Universes. They are buried deep in various levels of vegetation and rock strata and are never meant to see the light of day.
When disturbed by rapacious encroachment into their domain they release a virus sufficient to destroy all primates. Homo Sapiens ignorance is only exceed by his greed and self importance. To date four filoviruses have been released, each more virulent than its predecessor :-
1. The Black or Great Plague - 1665
2. Pneumonic Plague - 1918-1919
3. A.I.D.S. - 1978
4. Ebola - 1987 and 1995

ALL have no cure and only lack of Hosts has prevented the further spread of these filoviruses. Vested interests, Neanderthal Governments and Politicians continually cover up these events and you are only "inches" away from the next one.

So come join me on our journey. You have no choice, there is no turning back.

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In the beginning there was just dust and nuclear matter waiting to coalesce. It looked like this

Millions of years later it is starting to spin

Tens of millions of years later after going through many periods of heating and cooling it looked like this

Until finally some 5-6 billion years ago it formed what you refer to as the Milky Way

The jewel of this system is known as Earth. We seeded it with all manner of species and nurtured it and watched it flourish.

We planted primates in the cradle of civilization in the Rift Valley in Africa. We watched them spread out over Europe and Asia and North America. We gave a helping hand at Piltdown (known as the Missing Link) in order to spur Homo Sapiens on its way. Our biggest mistake. Little did we realize that through some strange quirk of nature we would produce the most destructive force the Universes have ever seen.

If you want to learn more about the future,come take my hand


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