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KHEM Lodge/OTO - Valley of Tiber, Zenith of Rome

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

93! Welcome to the Khem Lodge/OTO Home Page...

Khem Lodge is the main Italian representative of the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO).

This page is under heavy construction, right now we only include some interesting links to thelemic resources, plus a couple of Khem Lodge/OTO's productions. But


because new, exciting material is coming soon...

NEWS !!!

"ARS GRATIA ARTIS : 'The book of the Royal Art', from the OTO of Aleister Crowley to the Khem Lodge of the OTO-Italy", written by our Lodge Master and Italian Representative of the OTO Alberto Moscato,is finally available on Italian bookshelves, published by Casa Editrice BASTOGI. For only Lit. 25000 you can have a deeper sight on the techniques of the "Royal Art", described with a clear, simple language. A "must-have" for all those intentioned to walk the path of Tantra!

OTO International Head Quarter Contacts Page, the ideal point to start surfing in the OTO worldwide online resources. Here you can find links to official OTO bodies inside and outside USA.

Equinox On Line. The Review of Scientific Illuminism, the Official Organ of A.'.A.'. and OTO, The Eye in the Radiating Triangle with the Motto: The Method of Science, The Aim of Religion. It's an endless reading, endless rejoycing. Besides "The Equinox", you'll find other thelemic documents and rituals, and links to other text resources.

Liber AL vel Legis. The fundamental text of the New Aeon, in HTML format, including the manuscript.

Fr.'. AL H MIM - BIOS Gallery (local) is a collection of synthesis images created by fr.'. AL H MIM (Luca de Bellis) and fr.'. OZAZL using 3DStudio and Photoshop. Thelema-related images and more! (under eternal construction...)

Gematric Calculator OnLine! (local): a simple utility, written in JavaScript, that will help you calculate the Gematric Value, based on the Hebrew Alphabet, of any word or sentence. If you save the page, the Gematric Calculator will be available also offline. The utility is totally freeware, but don't forget to mention Khem Lodge/OTO if you intend to use it in other Web pages!

Download FREE Thelemic Software (local): Gematria, OTOCalc, Thelemic date, Geomancy, Small Enochian Utilities, SmallQBLH, A.O.Spare's Spells, Enochian font (for Windows), and more...

Coming soon : The CyberGoethia: a simple, effective software written by fr.'. Roberto Tifi to help magicians discovering the deep abyss of the Unconscious. A classic ritual with a new feeling!


Khem Lodge/OTO is operative in Rome, Italy, since 1987. Khem Lodge is a point of reference for the italian OTO official bodies. Our Lodge Master is Fra. AL AVR TzCh SOR; if you want to send him an e-mail, consider that he replies only once a week, often on Wednesday, so it is TOTALLY USELESS to send him more than one message a week!!!

The Master of Khem Lodge

The Master of Khem Lodge

The other bodies in Italy are currently the Shanti Camp, in Torino, held by fr.'.Claudio, and the Teth Camp in Firenze, under the good supervision of fr.'.Matthieu, fr.'.Luciano and fr.'.Fabio. Their good work is contributing in diffusion of Thelema in the center and east of Italy.

The core of Teth Camp

The core of Teth Camp
A new OTO camp has been opened in Torino, the "Shanti Camp", officially chartered from O.H.O of OTO. Good luck to Claudio, Alex and the others ff.'. and ss'.' !!!

Our activities include performances of Thelemic rituals, and lessons on Qabalah, Tarots, Yoga, Masonic simbolism and so on. Also, we translated in italian almost the entire Crowley's work. We also offer Classes, Gnostic Mass and Correspondence Courses to the Profane... Khem Lodge/OTO is also producing music (Rock, Techno, Jungle, Metal, Ritual, or Symphonic !) and software for Intel(tm) Machines. Some of our little utilities are available for a FREE DOWNLOAD !.

Love is the law, love under will

Most Mysterious Mister...

The Secretary of Khem Lodge

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