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Flowers, Friends, and Flight

Welcome to my garden. This homepage is dedicated to and in celebration of nature.

I love my garden...I love getting lost in the scents and colours as I lay back and look into the blue sky and let its beauty soak in like the rays of a midday sun.

I go and seek peace and solitude among the gladiolus and the hollyhocks...The magic and wonder of nature never ceases to inspire me and leave me breathless.

In the scent of a rose, the magic of a double rainbow, and a visit from a blue jay, chickadee or a hummingbird, I am reminded of my ancestors.

Particularly my grandfather, George Rainey, whose love of life, laughter and nature helped to maintain the natural fascination a child has for the world that surrounds her.

I love the vibrancy of my garden, the sight of a sunset and the coolness of the dew drops in the early morning on my feet. I dedicate this page to all things bright and beautiful , all creatures big and small and to my Grandpa who lives on for me through them.

Poetry Cove

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Wordsworth and dancing daffodils

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