MYTHs under Construction...

"A man does not talk to himself quite truly -- not even to himself: the happiness or misery that he secretly feels proceeds from causes that he cannot quite explain, because as soon as he raises them to the level of the explicable, they lose their native quality. The Novelist has a real pull here. He can show the subconscious short-circuiting straight into action (the dramatist can do this too): he can also show it in its relation to soliloquy. He comands all the secret life, and he must not be robbed of this privlidge."

__E. M. Forster 1927

From St. Famous a novel by Jonatthan Dee Doubleday

What is Myth?

Myth is the interval between what is and what will be.

What are our Myths?

each must discover them for each.

Who makes them?

Who sustains them would be a better question.

Where do they originate?

Who cares.

How long do they Last?

They last a very long time.

Are they a Human need?


Do they reflect the dimension of Soul?

without a doubt.

Are Myths actual events, that are translated into human experience, that we later retell as stories?

Re-telling the myth to ourselves is not the's the interpetation. It's all we could integrate at the moment. The interpetation is relative.

Are they something that Artists "make up" in order to live trier lives through?

Some artists do this...yes.

Are Myths idyllic fantasies or wishful thinking, or are they blueprints for what we model our lives after?

They can be both.

What ARE Myths?

Myths are the answers to the existential questions we are learning to ask our seleves.

Someone said that Life Imitates Art?

no truer words......

If we expand the term art to include Myths..Christian Myths, Hindu Myths, Muslim Myths, Buddhist Myths, Native American Myths, Egyptian Myths, Television Myths, Comic Book Myths, Daytime and Nighttime Drama Myths, Hollywood Myths, Scientific Myths, Ecological Myths Political Myths ....if we expand our views of what we think Art is to the realm of Myth, then SURELY LIFE imitates ART?

Life is a myth.

Your life is a Myth.

You interpret your life.

You have a cosmology of people in your life.

You have placed values on them.

You judge them.

You create your own myths that you live by.

The Culture you live creates more powerful myths and paradigms for you.

you are interpreting.

you are placing values.

telling stories,

having viewpoints.

giving things names Apart from given names.

You are part of the process of myth making.

You have a story to tell.

You see your own life and the lives of other in a certain way.

You retell it.

This retelling is a MYTH.

Even if it remains in your own mind.

Even if you never bring it to the conscious level.

Even if you ,yourself only experience it in half forgotten dreams.


it IS

Your Myth.

Someone else might tell it differently.

I might tell it differently.

That would be my Myth.

Myth is a living thing.

You can't stop it.

You are in a way, a reflection of it, and IT is a reflection of you.

What is Myth?

What is your Myth?