Welcome To G.W.'s Allstar Joint This site is under construction!

Hey, thanks for visiting my new Web Site.

I am sorry there is not a lot of stuff here yet.

Within the next month or two I will be expanding

this page to include:

1.GW's Gallery

I am an art student who will be graduating in May. My Senior Art Show will be going up April 16th at St. Mary's College of Maryland.I plan on having my show in GW's Gallery so those who can't see the show in person, can see it on the WWWeb For now, I have a few computer images I created on PAINTER 3.0.

Once you go to GW's Gallery, make sure to BOOKMARK it! I will be changing the images displayed frequently.

2.Information About Me

For now, just a resume, but soon I will include information on hobbies, interests, and the important people in my life.

3.Morsell 5

My Home at St. Mary's College of Maryland, this link will be a good one!

4. My Own Hot Links


Contact me at:
Go to: SoHo GeoCities 1