Poems to my Dearest Queen

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To my Love I therefore dedicate.
To my Queen with heart so precious and delicate.
This page thee I offer and other pages too.
For the moment that our hearts are still as two.


My dear Queen's eyes are like pale waters' blue.
With dawn's gentle light and the moon's bright hue.
When mine meet hers they glisten so true.
They sparkle like the waves as it rolls right through.

Her hair like gold so pale and smooth.
Like petals and silk in a cool spring's noon.
The wind and sun they capture anew.
And scent like night's breeze and sweet morning's dew.

Her skin is so smooth and soft to touch.
Her lips like sweet I yearn so much.
How her feelings show true and how shapely so.
Her smile so sweet, it won't let me go.

She walks like a poem that stays in the heart.
She glides with firm grace and she stands like an art.
Engraved in my heart, that's how she stays.
A part of my life as I go through the race.

My Love how I long for thee.
How empty I feel when thou not with me.
The fears I have when thou art far.
But I cling to hope that fate will not bar.


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1998 Poems to my Queen

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