Images, html code, and javascript all painstakingly created using POV-Ray, Notepad, and Paint Shop Pro. In other words, it's all original work. Please don't steal the pictures. Thank you.

This page is still under construction.

Jan 4, 2003. 2 years and no update! w00t! This is purely webmastering at its best. To find me these days, just head on over to This was a nice personal page for a long time, but times change.

Jan 24, 2001. Friends, Webcam, Tattoos pages are working. Navigation bars in place. Proper image-swap routines are now being used everywhere. Plans for a lo-fi version of this site underway.
Finally, the Trash Brats page is still functional and out of date as well. It will be given a better link and hopefully an overhaul soon. 1